May 8, 2020

From day one Cory, Jason and Travis have been there for any questions and advice we may have had while implementing and operating the Forget Me Not Live-stream platform.  They have never left us wondering what to do or left any questions unanswered.

I am absolutely pleased with the product that they have developed.  They took a personal experience and nurtured it with love and care to produce a secure way to help everyone tell a story and receive closure regarding the life of their loved one.

Forget Me Not Ceremonies has high quality picture, features and support which allow each family to invite their family and friends to participate in real-time, upload photos, sign guest books and tell stories all while interacting from wherever they are around the world.  The sound quality is top-notch as it is tied in with our microphone/amp system and brings together high definition picture and sound to make for the perfect ceremony.

We have had nothing but positive feedback from our families on the quality of the picture and how beneficial all of the features are for their grieving process to be able to include everyone.  Especially during this time of pandemic, Covid-19, this live-stream platform has been able to take our funeral services, Celebrations of Life, visitations or prayers from 10 people in attendance and turn it into gatherings including hundreds of people around the world.

Logan Funeral Home

The best part of Forget Me Not Ceremonies is how easy it is to program and how little we have to do to carry out this service for our families.  We take 5 minutes to program the camera and literally walk away.  The program takes over interacting with everyone who has registered to view the ceremony and sends reminders when the service is about to start.  The ceremony is then available to view after the conclusion of the live service.

In closing, Cory, Jason and Travis know what they are doing and they go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect.  They understand that funerals aren’t like birthdays and there are no re-do’s next time.  We have one chance to make a funeral service right and Forget Me Not Ceremonies helps us do that.

Thank you,

Dave Pizzey

Dave Pizzey – President

Furtney Funeral Homes Limited
Logan Funeral Home and Evans Funeral Home