Our Products & Services

Imagine … an automated chapel broadcasting/webcasting system, that keeps your families at the forefront of your attention.

Our unique platform is like having a professional director in your corner.  You spend four minutes (or less) adding information and the Forget Me Not streaming platform will do the rest.

A Solution for Any Connection

Fast internet Connection

Take advantage of our full streaming services to present your ceremony live with crystal clear video and audio.

Slow Internet Connection

o Use our on demand service to seamlessly upload the ceremony in the background. Guests will be notified when it is ready for viewing and will still be able to enjoy all of our platform's features such as invites, chat, and the guestbook.

No Internet Connection

Even with no internet, the Forget Me Not platform can record and manage your ceremonies for video upload when a connection is available.

Present Ceremonies With Confidence

  • Amazing Quality: Clear & Crisp video with CD quality sound.
  • Virtual Funeral Director: A fully automated system that will take care of your guests and the ceremony for you.
  • Storage: Families can re-watch the ceremony as often as they like.
  • Backed up: Even if the internet goes out, your families will still get their service.

Our Key Advantages

  • Easy to use. Less than 5 minutes of effort required.
  • Set it and forget it.
  • Multilingual platform available.
  • Service can be viewed on-demand.
  • Easy 1-button uploads.
  • Digital copies, DVD’s only required if desired.
  • Cloud based, highly secure, and completely private infrastructure.
  • Automatic backup recorded in case of internet outage.
  • Family-friendly features including chat, guestbook, contributions, photos.